AXI Bonus Programs

AXI Bonus Programs

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy online broker for your trading needs? Look no further than Axi Broker! Not only do they offer a wide range of trading options, including share CFDs, forex, crypto, and gold, but they also have some of the best bonus programs in the industry. In this article, we’ll explore the various bonus programs offered by Axi, including their lucrative affiliate program and trading bonuses. Plus, we’ll dive into their no deposit and welcome bonuses, as well as their unique Loss-Cover Bonus. Discover how Axi Broker can help boost your trading profits today with their incredible bonus programs.

Affiliate Program

The AXI affiliate program is an incredible opportunity for traders to make additional money by introducing customers to the platform. Participants can receive a commission of up to $1000 USD CPA for each qualified client, a great reward for joining. Along with that, members can also benefit from a range of additional advantages, making this an incredibly attractive option for those looking to increase their income.

The program is simple to join and provides several marketing materials to help traders market the platform to potential customers. This includes banners, landing pages, and other tools that can be customized to meet individual needs. Moreover, the program is supported by a devoted support team, always available to help with any queries or issues.

One of the major advantages of the AXI affiliate program is the high commission rates it offers. Traders can earn up to $1000 USD CPA for each qualified client, a considerable amount of money. This makes it an excellent way for traders to make extra money while also promoting a platform they believe in. The program also includes access to marketing materials, dedicated support, and more.

In conclusion, the AXI affiliate program is a fantastic choice for traders who want to make extra income while also promoting a reliable and reputable broker. With high commission rates, access to marketing materials, and dedicated support, it is an excellent option for those looking to maximize their trading experience. Therefore, if you are a trader looking to make additional money, be sure to check out the AXI affiliate program today!

Trading Bonus

AXI Bonus Programs offer a variety of bonuses to customers, including a Trading Bonus. This is an outstanding opportunity for traders who want to expand their capital and refine their abilities. When funds are deposited to a AxiTrader Limited trading account, a cookie is set that guarantees customers receive the Trading Bonus. This bonus can be used for all types of investment, such as share CFDs, currency, crypto, and gold. The Trading Bonus is an ideal way to increase your gains and capitalize on the markets.

For those new to AxiTrader Limited, there is a $50 no deposit bonus available for live Forex trading. All new customers who register and authenticate their account can benefit from this bonus. The no deposit bonus is an excellent way to begin trading without putting your own money at risk. Moreover, new customers can also receive a Welcome Bonus, which is a percentage of their initial deposit. This bonus is a terrific way to build your trading capital and take advantage of the markets. Therefore, if you want to get started with trading, take advantage of the bonuses supplied by AXI Bonus Programs.

The Trading Bonus is a great way to boost your trading capital and sharpen your trading abilities. This bonus supplies traders with a 30% bonus on their deposit, up to a maximum of $1,000 USD. It is applicable to all forms of trading, including share CFDs, foreign exchange, crypto, and gold. With this bonus, you can maximize your profits and benefit the markets.

AXI Bonus Programs provide a fantastic opportunity for customers to increase their trading capital and hone their skills. The Trading Bonus, no deposit bonus, and Welcome Bonus are all great ways to get started with trading or to improve your existing trading skills. So, if you want to take your trading to the next level, be sure to take advantage of the bonuses from AXI Bonus Programs.

No Deposit Bonus

AXI provides a great way to start your Forex journey without putting your own funds on the line. With the No Deposit Bonus, you can get a $50 bonus credit which is automatically credited to your account after registration. This enticing offer is only available for a limited time, so be sure to read the review to learn more about the terms and conditions.

Once you take your first steps with AXI, there are plenty of added benefits to explore. From the Trading Bonus to the Welcome Bonus and Loss-Cover Bonus, you can find a bonus program to suit your needs. All these options make AXI an increasingly popular choice for traders the world over. To find out more, take a look at the review provided by AXI and see what they have to offer.

Welcome Bonus

Are you looking to enhance your experience on AXI’s trading platforms? The Welcome Bonus program is an ideal solution to consider! This program is designed to reward new customers with a bonus percentage of their first investment made to their AxiTrader Limited account. The Welcome Bonus gives traders an excellent chance to begin their trading journey with additional capital that can be used to expand their trading power.

Through the Welcome Bonus program, traders can enjoy the advantages of having extra funds to invest with and investigate the different trading instruments available on AXI’s platforms. The bonus percentage amount varies depending on the customer’s initial deposit amount, making it adjustable and available for traders of all levels. This program is a great way for traders to maximize their earning potential and take advantage of the multiple opportunities present in the dynamic world of trading.

If you are a new customer on AXI’s trading platforms, the Welcome Bonus program is an offer you will not want to miss. The bonus can provide you with an advantageous start to your trading journey and assist you in taking your trading to the next level. So, why wait? Sign up for AXI’s trading platforms today and take advantage of the Welcome Bonus program to set off on the right foot!

Loss-Cover Bonus

AXI provides its customers with a unique feature that offers a remarkable level of security while trading: the Loss-Cover Bonus. This compensation plan helps cushion any losses incurred by the customers through the AXI platform. The amount of compensation is determined by the amount of cash deposited in their live trading account. This bonus is a fantastic way to reduce the risk of trading, providing a safety net for forex traders. AXI stands out among other forex brokers due to this special bonus, which is sure to be appreciated by its customers.

For novice forex traders, the Loss-Cover Bonus is an excellent way to kick off their trading journey. This bonus provides a safeguard for any losses that may occur during the initial trading period. This allows traders to take calculated risks and make trades that they may not have made otherwise. Furthermore, the Loss-Cover Bonus is a great way to trial the AXI platform without any long-term commitment. With this bonus, traders can have peace of mind knowing that their losses will be covered, making it a great way to get started with forex trading.

The Loss-Cover Bonus is just one of the many bonus programs offered by AXI but it is certainly one that sets the platform apart from other forex brokers. With this bonus, traders can trade with confidence, knowing that their losses will be compensated. Additionally, the Loss-Cover Bonus is a great incentive to continue using the AXI platform. By offering this bonus, AXI provides its customers with an extra level of security, making it a top choice among forex traders.


In conclusion, the Axi bonus programs offer a plethora of benefits for both new and existing traders. The affiliate program allows traders to earn up to $1000 USD CPA per qualified client, while the trading bonus and no deposit bonus provide extra funds for trading. The welcome bonus and loss-cover bonus add even more value to the already comprehensive package. With Axi, traders are welcomed with open arms and given the tools to succeed. So, welcome to Axi and take advantage of these amazing bonus programs today!

Trade Responsibly: Derivative products are highly leveraged, carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for all investors.

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