How to Deposit Plus500?

Deposit Plus500

How to deposit Plus500? – The process of depositing money at Plus500 is quite straightforward and each deposit method has its own minimum deposit level. To start trading with your real Plus500 account, with which you can trade more than 2000 different types of CFDs (such as currencies, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies …) it is necessary that you make an initial deposit of at least € 100, all deposits are commission free.

Plus500 is a fully regulated broker and therefore, in accordance with investor protection directives, the funds of the clients of this online broker are deposited in bank accounts separate from those of the broker itself and cannot be used or affected by the financial situation of the company.

Funds Management

The first thing we must do to deposit funds in our real Plus500 account is to go to the left sidebar and click on the “funds” icon.

To Deposit Plus500

When you are in the fund management screen you must click on “deposit” to continue with the deposit. Right after, another screen will open where you can choose the deposit method that suits you best.

When you have chosen your deposit method and added the amount, you are ready to click on “Make a deposit” to make it effective.

The choice of the payment method to make your deposit in Plus500 is important so as not to have problems when withdrawing the money later, you must bear in mind that the policy of Plus500 (anti-money laundering) consists of executing the withdrawal of funds by the same means of payment by which the funds have been deposited, whenever possible.

That is, if you deposit €500 with a credit card, you can withdraw €500 by the same credit card, the potential benefit, if any, must be withdrawn by bank transfer.

For security and regulatory reasons Plus500 verifies that the trading account holder is truly the owner of the payment method. It is not possible to use a card that is not your own. If the deposit is made they will not be processed.

Verification is usually completed within 15 minutes. Keep in mind that this period of time can be variable and take more or less in your particular case.

When the verification is completed, you will have the capital to start operating.

Deposit Plus500 by bank transfer

This type of deposit cannot be generated through the Plus500 trading platform because it is a direct bank-to-bank wire transfer. To obtain the details of the bank account to which the funds should be sent, follow these instructions and you will be sent an email with the bank details where you should send the funds to start trading. 

  • Minimum of € 500.00 per deposit via bank transfer.
  • The transfer must be made from an account in your name. (The same as the trading account).
  • Make sure to provide the reference number to avoid delays.
  • The funds should reach your account within 5 business days.
  • They will always try to refund the money by original payment method, whenever possible.
  • Plus500 does not charge a deposit fee, however your bank may apply additional fees.
  • Please note that until your trading account verification is completed, the requested deposit amount will remain pending and will not be available for use.

Are my funds at risk if the Plus500 company goes bankrupt?

All client funds are held in bank accounts that Plus500 does not have access to. This guarantees the maximum protection of funds. For more information, read: “Customer Money Protection”.

Is there a maximum deposit Plus500 limit?

There are various deposit limitations for each of the available payment methods. These limitations vary depending on the country in which you reside. The maximum deposit amount per transaction is described on the deposit page.

Why is my deposit not showing up in my Plus500 account?

Many people who are new to trading are often confused when their deposit does not show up in their Plus500 account. This article will help you understand the reason for this.

There are several reasons why your deposit may not show up in your Plus500 account. One of the reasons is that you have not yet been verified by Plus500 as a user. Once you have been verified, your deposit will be reflected on your account and you will be able to trade on the platform.

Another reason for this could be that you have deposited money into the wrong bank account or currency, which is why it does not show up in your Plus500 account. You can always call customer service and they will help you with this issue.

Complete the account verification process

Until you complete the verification process, the balance may not be available in your account. You will receive a notification when your account is verified.

Successful Deposit Plus500 Process

Make sure you have completed the entire deposit process and that it has not failed.

A payment method for an account

a payment method can only be associated with one account. You will not be able to deposit if it is already associated with another Plus500 account.

Deposit Plus500 limitations

if you receive a deposit limit message, send an email to Plus500.

82% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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