TickMill Bonus Programs

TickMill Bonus Programs

Do You Offer Any Bonus Programs Through TickMill?

If you’re looking for forex brokers that offer bonus programs, Tickmill might be just what you need. Tickmill is a trading company that provides a range of bonus programs to their clients, including a $30 Welcome Account and a Free No Deposit Bonus. In addition, Tickmill offers different types of accounts, including an Islamic account, and rare promotions to boost account balances. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these bonus programs and see if they’re worth considering.

Welcome Account for New Clients

If you’re a novice when it comes to Forex trading and are looking for a convenient and effortless way to start, then Tickmill’s $30 Welcome Account is the ideal offer for you. This straightforward and uncomplicated offer is much simpler to understand compared to other free offers that can be hard to grasp.

Tickmill knows that different clients have distinct trading needs, so they provide a range of accounts. The Welcome Account is only one out of many options that Tickmill offers, such as Islamic accounts that abide by Sharia law. Also, they offer other accounts with different features and advantages, allowing clients to select the one that suits them best.

Many may wonder if $30 is enough to start trading in Forex and if it will keep their money secure. The answer is yes. With the Welcome Account, you can start trading using real money and enjoy the excitement of the Forex market without putting your funds at risk. This offer is the perfect chance for new clients to use a small amount of money to practice their trading strategies and skills. The Welcome Account does come with certain conditions, which you can discover on Tickmill’s official website.

Islamic Account

Muslim traders seeking a broker compliant with Sharia laws can find the perfect option with Tickmill. The broker offers an Islamic account with no swaps or rollover charges, making it ideal for long-term trading. Furthermore, traders can benefit from the same trading conditions as other accounts, including the generous Tickmill welcome bonus.

This Islamic account is open to traders from all over the world and is available for individual and corporate accounts. It provides a diverse selection of trading instruments, such as forex, indices, and commodities, that allows for portfolio diversification. Additionally, traders can access advanced trading platforms, like the popular MetaTrader 4 platform, to take advantage of the latest features and tools.

For Muslim traders, Tickmill is an excellent choice. The Islamic account guarantees a transparent and ethical trading experience while allowing traders to benefit from the Tickmill welcome promotion and other perks. Moreover, the broker provides a range of educational resources and trading tools to help traders improve their skills and maximize their profits.

Different Types of Accounts

When it comes to selecting trading accounts, Tickmill offers an extensive range of options. From Standard, Pro and VIP accounts to Islamic and Corporate accounts, traders can pick and choose the account that best fits their needs. The Standard account requires a minimum deposit of $100 and has a spread starting from 1.6 pips, whilst the VIP account requires a minimum deposit of $50,000 and has a spread starting from 0 pips.

For Muslim traders, Tickmill provides an Islamic account that complies with Sharia law, which prohibits earning or paying interest. This account is swap-free, meaning that no interest is accrued on overnight positions. Moreover, there are no commissions or hidden fees.

Professional traders and companies can take advantage of the Corporate account. It has specific requirements and benefits, such as a minimum deposit of $10,000, spreads starting from 0 pips and access to Tickmill’s VPS service to ensure fast and stable trading. Money managers who wish to manage multiple accounts at the same time can also benefit from Tickmill’s customized solutions. All these features make the stock exchange accessible to a wide variety of traders.

Rebate Promo

Discover an alluring cash rebate program with Tickmill that can help you reduce trading expenses and improve returns. With a minimum deposit of $100 and a minimum trade requirement of 100,000 lots, the Rebate Promo is a great way to maximize profits. All account types, including Islamic accounts, are eligible for this promotion, making it available to all traders. Best of all, you can receive up to $5000 cashback on your trades, making it one of the best forex cashback programs available.

Take advantage of this rare promotion and get the most out of your trading. With the Rebate Promo, you can cover trading fees or reinvest your earnings into the account. Best of all, you can enjoy the best forex cashback program available and take your trading to the next level. This program can be a great way to reduce trading costs and increase profits.

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer and start taking advantage of the Rebate Promo. With the minimum deposit of $100 and the minimum trading requirement of 100,000 lots, you can receive up to $5000 cashback on your trades. Unlock the potential of the best forex cashback program and start maximizing your profits today.

Free No Deposit Bonus

If you’re interested in getting into Forex trading without taking a risk with your own funds, you’ll be pleased to know that Tickmill offers a free no deposit bonus. This offer is available to international traders with an FSA SC license and allows them to begin trading without having to make a minimum deposit into their account. It’s a great way to test the trading platform and decide if it’s the right fit for you.

The process of claiming the no deposit bonus from Tickmill is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is visit the official website, follow a few steps, and you’ll be able to access the bonus in your account. This means you can start trading right away, without having to deal with long waits or complicated verification processes.

Although the amount of the free bonus may seem small, it’s enough to make a few trades and get a feel for the platform. The main purpose of the no deposit bonus is to give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the trading platform and see if it’s right for you. If you decide to continue trading, you can always add more funds to your account.

Tickmill is known for its lucrative promotions, and the one they offer is generous and can help to grow your balance. The free no deposit bonus is just one of the many bonus programs they have available. If you’re interested in other offers, such as the Tickmill Up to 15% Bonus, you’ll need to register for a Personal Cabinet and complete a certain number of trades.

Forex Trading with $30

Are you interested in entering the world of Forex trading, but hesitant due to the risk involved? With Tickmill’s $30 Welcome Account, you can take your first steps without a hefty commitment. This free trading account allows you to test the waters and get acquainted with the platform, with the potential to make some profit. Compared to other offers, this one is simple and straightforward, making it a great opportunity for those looking to try their hand at the market.

Tickmill offers a variety of trading accounts, including the Islamic account for Muslim traders who wish to invest in the Forex market while adhering to their faith. Other accounts cater to different trading styles, such as the Classic account for skilled traders, the Pro account for high-volume traders, and the VIP account for professionals.

The Welcome Account is a great way to get started, but it isn’t the only bonus program offered by Tickmill. Their Rebate Promo rewards traders who meet certain requirements with cash rebates – a minimum deposit of $100 and a trading volume of 100,000 is required. Additionally, Tickmill also offers international traders with an FSA SC license a no-deposit bonus, which is a rare find in the Forex industry.

Though it may be easy to doubt the efficacy of a $30 account, it’s important to remember that the purpose of this offer is to allow traders to explore the platform and get a feel for the Forex market, without risking too much. With the right risk management and a good trading strategy, this amount can be enough to start with. To access the Free Welcome Bonus from Tickmill, simply visit the official website and follow the steps provided.

Steps to Get the Free Welcome Bonus

Gaining access to the complimentary Welcome Offer from Tickmill is hassle-free and requires little effort. To begin, navigate to the official website and register an account. Subsequently, in order to ensure the security of the account, a one-time authentication of the account by submitting the relevant documents is required.

Once the account is validated, the next step is to request the Welcome Offer. To do this, move to the ‘Promotions’ section of the website and select the Welcome Offer option. Following that, enter the necessary information, such as the account number and password. Immediately after, the Welcome Offer will be credited to the account.

It is important to note that the Welcome Offer is only intended for trading and cannot be withdrawn. However, any earnings generated from trading with the bonus funds can be taken out after meeting the trading conditions. Additionally, the Welcome Offer is accessible for select trading pairs offered by Tickmill. Clients are encouraged to take a look at the eligible trading pairs before starting to trade with the bonus funds.

Tickmill’s Welcome Offer is an outstanding opportunity for newcomers to explore the platform and trading setting without risking their own money. By following these uncomplicated steps, clients can quickly and conveniently secure the Welcome Offer and begin trading.

Tickmill Up to 15% Bonus Offer

Start trading with a bang and take advantage of the up to 15% bonus offer from Tickmill. Our generous reward is available to all new and existing clients who open an account and trade a certain amount of lots. With this incentive, you can maximize your investments and amplify your profits.

Tickmill is a dependable broker that is licensed by the FSA FSCA, guaranteeing the security of your trading experience. Take advantage of our exclusive promotions and experience the benefits of our bonus program. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, this bonus offer is a great way to boost your trading portfolio and elevate your gains.


In conclusion, Tickmill offers a range of bonus programs to cater to the different needs of their clients. From a simple and quick $30 Welcome Account to a rare rebate program, Tickmill ensures that their clients have access to various options to boost their account balances. Additionally, the availability of an Islamic account and different types of accounts caters to the diverse needs of traders. While some may question the safety of Forex trading with just $30, Tickmill’s license and reputation assure clients of a secure platform. To avail of these bonus programs, interested persons can easily follow the steps on the official website. Lastly, the Tickmill Up to 15% Bonus offer encourages clients to trade a certain amount of lots and earn a higher bonus percentage. Overall, Tickmill’s bonus programs affirm their commitment to providing excellent trading services to their clients.

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